Lil bag for a big bag lady

Lil bag for a big bag lady

I admit it: I’m a bit of a bag lady. And not in the fashion-girl kind of way with a collection of chic totes and fancy clutches for every occasion or outfit. But, more so in the “I’m-always-lugging-around-4-bags-stuffed-full-and-busting-at-the-seams” kind of way. Between the studio, my office and a (somewhat) social life, I live my life on the go bouncing between commitments trying to keep my head screwed on straight.  So, to avoid any potential meltdowns, I always find myself thinking about those “just in case” scenarios as I pack my bags in preparation for the day:

Potential problem: What if I get out of work early and decide I want to get a quick workout in?
Problem solved: I’ll throw an extra Lulu outfit at the bottom of my work backpack even though I can hardly fit my laptop in it already, just in case.

Potential problem: What if I get hungry after lunch but don’t want to go to the vending machine?
Easy way to avoid Erin getting hangry: I’ll store a few protein bars in the front pocket of my gym bag, just in case.

Potential problem: What if I go out for spontaneous drinks after work with coworkers?
Easy solution: I’ll bring my entire makeup bag including 4 different foundations and 2 eyeshadow palettes, just in case*.

*Ok, I admit going out for drinks isn’t a problem and carrying around more make up than Kim Kardashian’s glam squad isn’t a solution, but…WHAT IF Kim herself walked into the bar where we were getting drinks…? SEE!? And don’t even think about telling me you wouldn’t touch up your makeup before asking for a selfie.

It’s clear that during the week, I am constantly unpacking and re-packing my bags. So on the weekends, when I’m not jumping between the studio, work, back to the studio, errands and a social life (you know, hanging with Kim Kardashian) – I take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to carry my entire life thrown over my shoulder.

But I still need something big enough to carry the necessities, which is why I love the Rider Satchell bags from Loeffler Randall. The square shape with the buckle closure has an adjustable strap that is easy to carry by either throwing over my shoulder, wearing it across my body or holding it by the the handle on top. I’ve tried a few of the different sizes and my favorite is the medium because it’s big enough to carry everything I might need to transition from weekend day activities to weekend night festivities: sunglasses, wallet, keys, makeup for touchups (esp. if you think you’re gonna run into Kanye too this time). I’ve even fit a light sweater or scarf in there for chilly nights. Oh and you can’t forget the times I make room in that little bag for my retainer if I plan on staying at my boyfriend’s apartment. Can you say sexy?

So there you have it. All my thoughts and feelings on always being prepared to potentially meet Kim Kardashian my favorite cross body bags. If you remember (from this post), I use Rent the Runway’s Unlimited service, so I usually always pick a Loeffler Randall Rider Bag because I know I will not be disappointed.  I sent this red one back to my friends at RTR today, but I already have my new favorite style picked out for my next Unlimited order. So stay tuned for that one and let me know if you have any other bags like my favorite lil Loeffler that I should try!




  1. Ash
    May 17, 2017 / 10:10 am

    Can you teach me how to mom-jean???