Girls’ Getaway Guide: Newport, RI

Girls’ Getaway Guide: Newport, RI

My girlfriends and I had a little getaway in Newport last weekend and had the time. of. our. lives. As Massachusetts natives, the four of us grew up frequenting the Cape and the Islands (Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket) during the summer months. It wasn’t until last summer when I went to Newport for my sister’s bachelorette party when I realized how much FUN Newport is for a twenty-something New Englander.

The beaches, the bars, the restaurants, the cute little town, the casual vibe (anywhere overalls are considered appropriate going-out attire automatically jumps to the top of my list)…everything is perfect. After that weekend last year, I came home and immediately alerted my friends: “YOU GUYS WE’VE BEEN DOING OUR 20’S ALL WRONG.” After getting over the FOMO from what we missed during our early-20s, we immediately booked a long weekend together for this summer.

We have a few friends who either grew up going to Newport or attended Salve Regina for college, so as the trip got closer we sent out the cry-for-help text: “Yo where do the cool kids hang in Newport”.

So for any other Newport newcomers, I put together an itinerary for a weekend away based on everything that we did and everywhere that we went. It’s really just a list of the common denominator locations that were marked as “must go places” when we combined all our friends’ recommendations. So if you’re headed down for a short girls’ weekend and you want your visit to include lots of: sun, cocktails, seafood and dance parties, here’s the hookup:


Morning: Drive from Boston to Newport as early as possible to avoid traffic and get a full beach day to take advantage of the PTRs (“Prime Time Rays”). We picked up some food and drinks at the Stop and Shop in town, but there’s also plenty of grocery stores along the way from Boston. We went straight to Second Beach and spent the day reading, napping and catching up.

Evening: For dinner, go to Midtown Oyster. We ordered pretty much everything on their menu to split. The cocktails were unbelievable and the seafood was so yummy. The tuna tartare tacos are a MUST ORDER.

After dinner, go get a drink outside at The Black Pearl. It’s a fun outdoor bar right on the harbor near where a bunch of tall sailboats dock. Everyone says to get a mudslide at The Black Pearl, but I can’t eat dairy so I had to forgo that bucket list item. Then end your night at The Landing. They have a huge outdoor bar downstairs and upstairs on a big porch. Then there’s a super fun dance floor inside upstairs. My challenge to you: see if you can actually get the bartender to play DJ Khaled “I’m the One” because I think we requested it 40 times and he wouldn’t play it. WTF!


Morning: Go to Diego’s for brunch. It was so so so yummy. Make a reservation if you can…the wait was pretty long when we got there but since we had a reservation we were able to get seated right away at a great table outside. After brunch we headed back to the beach for some more PTRs. Nothing like a beach trip after an indulgent brunch (#bikiniseason ammiright!).

Evening: Order pizza takeout from Nikolas…especially if you’re gluten free like half our group was. They had awesome GF crust and the delivery took legit 15 minutes. We ordered pizza and drank wine while we got ready and soothed our sunburns with lots of lotion. Pro-tip: Order an extra pizza that you can reheat when you get back from the bars.

Then walk or Uber into town and hit up the bars on the other side of town from the previous night. We started our night at an outdoor bar called At the Deck for a few RedBull vodkas, because at this point in the weekend we were feeling really tired and old and needed a kick in the ass to get us through another night tearing up the dance floor. After a few drinks at The Deck we walked next door to Dockside where they had 2 live bands playing and another outdoor bar. It was definitely more of a younger scene, but all we wanted to do was dance and sing together – and it was perfect for that.


Morning: If you have fair skin like me, go home. Ha. By Sunday morning my Irish complexion couldn’t handle another day on the beach so I headed home while the rest of my crew hit the beach again. I think the best part about Newport is the fact that it is SO CLOSE to Boston, so you can get a full day in town or at the beach and still get home at a normal hour.

What are your favorite things to do in Newport? What should I add to my MUST TRY list of things to do next time I go? (I already have Castle Hill on the top of my list!!)


On Erin:

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