Oh hello! Welcome to my little corner on the internet. Advertising executive by day, indoor cycling instructor by night…here you’ll find everything in between that inspires me. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been expressing my creativity through my outfits. Some people sing, some dance, some paint and some design…I get dressed. My family and friends seem to always greet me (and my outfit) with an up-down glance and a short response to somehow communicate that “oh, onlyyyyyy Erin could wear that”.

To these people in my life, I’m a risk taker. But my risks provide their inspiration. They proudly send me selfies and Snapchats captioned “OMG I’m wearing such an Erin outfit today!” And it makes me happy knowing that my style inspired someone else to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Funny thing is, I’ve actually always found inspiration from girls taking way bigger risks than me. So hopefully this (life)style diary motivates me to test out more wild trends—style related or not—and will give you a little inspiration to take a risk or two when you get dressed, so we can all start to own what makes each of us the “only” one out there. 

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo!